Design has a powerful way of telling a story by way of letters and form. Done well, it can elicit deep engagement, a dedicated following and transformation of a brand to grow a business. Folia Design takes pride in their clients’ successes in approaching every project with thoughtful elegance for each solution.



Julia Allen

Founder, Creative Director


Julia Allen is the founder and creative director of Folia Design, launched in 2002. With over 28 years of industry experience, she’s created some of the most widely recognized and awarded design work in the North Bay, much of it in Napa and Sonoma, specializing in brand strategy, print, packaging and digital design.

With Chicago roots embedded in her sensibilities, Julia blends urban and authentic styles to enliven each practical application. She has worked with a wide variety of clients from nonprofits, for-profit business, civic organization brands to restaurants, winery, fashion and lifestyle brands. Julia's goal is to provide for her clients a deep sense of pride and ownership in the work created.

Having set roots in Napa over 17 years ago, Julia embraces the spirit of California. She fills her spare time exploring, adventuring, practicing yoga, baking and being open to whatever might come next.




“Julia at Folia Design is a wonderful asset to me, for several reasons. She is creative and takes pride in her creativity, but also is open to incorporating aspects of my vision into hers. I like that. Plus, she knows our community and my audiences, so it saves us a lot of strategic time. Finally, she is accessible, sets her fees reasonably and will go out of her way to help me get a final product that I love. I don't have a graphic designer on staff, so Julia is my "go to" asset. I sincerely recommend her.”

Elizabeth Emmett
Director of Communications and Community Engagement
Napa Valley Unified School District