Julia Allen, Founder and Designer

Julia is a designer, illustrator and typography-enthusiast,
sometimes known to crank out on her 100+ year old
letterpress machines for the fun of it! A native of Chicago,
Julia relocated to Napa Valley in the Fall of 2002 and hit
the ground running with all things design. She's won
national awards and has been featured in publications,
taught undergrad design courses at her alma mater—
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked
the circuit of boutique, university, corporate and design
agencies before finding her sweet spot in Napa Valley—
collaborating with some of the best organizations,
people and places.

Julia spends what is left of her non-working day with a
sword-bearing 8 year-old son and two special feline friends.
She is still having a blast of fun, with just 23 years into it all!

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